the creatives



Typically, you won’t find Bieke sitting still. She truly moves through life like the social butterfly she is. Energetic, optimistic and always ready for another project. With the BEEX office as her second home she makes sure this is a place where everyone feels home. A cozy place next the Vondelpark filled with plants, animals, music and lots of young creatives. Do you want to sit down or go for a walk? Offer her a cup of black coffee and bring something sweet and this woman is happy to meet!



It was early 2016 when Amber entered our office as an intern. Started as the right hand of Bieke and brought in some insane design-skills. She turned herself into the strategic creative partner within the team. Bring in a dog when visiting our office and you will make her day!



Meet Dana, this social butterfly is one you won’t forget. She can capture and promote your brand or event on social media like no-one else. Always connected with her phone so no worries with her when she’s on the lead. How to make this women happy? Good music, and an invitation to your party.



Team work makes the dream work. Thijs and his team are the masters of webdesign and building. He and Bieke started as co-workers and quickly realised they share the same energy and vision for business opportunities. So working together proved to be a golden ticket to success. Thijs ensures that Beex can offer her clients a full service online. Win win for all!



This young lady started as an intern and showed us some serious creative skills! We are super happy to have her as one of our official team members. Known as our 2nd designer and together with Dana they make sure to manager all social media accounts.



Merel a.k.a. Murl proves to be an amazing addition to the team! This social babe always smiles and just gets shit done. She knows how to do good research for our clients and how to turn that into a magical strategy for our clients.