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BEEX, The Brand Kitchen is a full-service marketing & PR agency with an appetite for fashion & lifestyle brands.
Please take a look at our menu to see how we can help your business!

Social Media

We start with an analysis of the online status of a brand or organization. Based on this analysis we develop a Social Media strategy in which the main target group is key. We create, publish, and manage all Social Media channels that engage with your business to build interactive communities.

- Social Strategy
- Content Creation
- Social Management
- Campaigns & Advertising

Public Relations

PR is not all about what you say, it’s about what others read, hear and say about you. We give you the coverage you need at the right time at the right place. We connect your brand with your audience and develop long-term relationships.

- Influencer Marketing
- Press Releases
- E-mail Campaigns & Newsletters
- Events


Great design is about a lot more than just looking good. Allow us to serve you with our creativity. We optimize your website, shoot the content you need and create all possible material that will make your business grow.

- Web design
- Social content
- Advertorials
- Promotional material


Content is king. Great brand images are all about consistency, being true to the brand and its target group. In a perfect scenario they can be used online on a website or social media platform, as well as offline in promotional material. We've got the camera, you just simply bring your brand.

- Social Content
- Campaigns
- Retail
- Food
- Product